Saturday, January 26, 2013

Neal Kosaly-Meyer

Neal Meyer performs works by John Cage using materials from Finnegans Wake. Writing for the Second Time Through Finnegans Wake (1974) uses Joyce’s name to create a series of mesostics which take us through the entire book in a little more than an hour, abandoning syntax and semantics but retaining and distilling the music and magic of the Joycean language. One7 (1991) is for a solo performer utilizing “any way of making sounds.” The sounds used for this realization are the Ten Thunderclaps — ten one-hundred letter words made by Joyce which provide structural punctuation at crucial points in Finnegan's Wake.

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mark enslin said...

I just heard a rehearsal of Arun Chandra's new piece last night--amazing panorama of flux, down to the micro level of sounds and "words". Interwoven is a poem by composer Keith Moore who lives and works in Athens, Greece. The pieces that Susan Parenti and I are bringing from Illinois include her concise defense of experiment in art in the form of an interview, and a polytempo sci-fi instrumental theater for listener-keyboardist partially inspired by the documentary film of Charles Mingus in the process of being evicted... and Ben Kapp has a new take on Tender Buttons: the objects talk back!