Saturday, November 12, 2011

Danse Perdue + Joy Von Spain Ensemble

Danse Perdue (Alex Ruhe, Vanessa Skantze): Butoh dance/movement performance, with live improvised music by: Joy Von Spain - piano, voice/other and friends Will Hayes - prepared guitar/other, Joe Eck - percussion, Count Constantin - violin, Jacob Herring - trombone.

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Gwen Demombynes said...

What an amazing performance last night by Danse Perdue and the Joy Von Spain Ensemble. It was beautifully conceived and realized, I was very impressed by the work. The plastic set evoked all kinds of difficulty in life; our immediate culture, our planet, birth and death, personal struggle, global crises, I could go on and on. The ending, unexpectedly, with the performer trapped in the set, could have been part of the intention, or should have been included as an improvisational ending. It seemed completely appropriate to the set and the intention of the dance. I hope you will perform this again, so a larger audience can see it. I'd like to spread the word. I will look forward to seeing more of your work. Thanks.