Friday, October 21, 2011

TrimTab + Tribal Trauma

Tribal Trauma blends recent electronic styles with modern guitar motifs and classic cello melodies, enhanced with a multi-media visual production. TrimTab is the brainchild of guitarist Jason Goessl, whose study of the work of R. Buckminster Fuller informs his approach to musical form and meter. He takes the idea of the dymaxion house, car, map, and expresses it in musical form by melding classical, jazz, eastern, African, and rock concepts to a style all his own. The current line-up features Phil Cali on bass and Brian Oppel on drums.

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Tribal Trauma said...

Just reflecting a month later. This was an incredible event. We want to thank with conviction, TrimTab and the Wayward Music Series. As well as BizQuik for visually stimulating images that enhanced the music.

Thanks Again!