Friday, September 3, 2010

Seattle Composers' Salon

The Seattle Composers' Salon is an informal presentation of new music by regional composers. The salon meets the first Friday of every other month, and features finished works, previews, and works-in-progress. It brings together composers, performers and audience members in a casual setting that allows for discussion and experimentation. This month's featured composers include Keith Eisenbrey, David Mesler, Doug Palmer, and Tom Baker.

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Quinn said...

Hi Steve and the Good Shepherd Chapel music community. I just wanted to say that I think The Wayward Music Series is Amazing and I wish I was closer to experience it first hand. To my knowledge there's nothing like it in Los Angeles or the West Coast, and the closest Series I've seen is at Le Poisson Rouge in NYC, with the Wordless Music Series. Congratulations on everything and I wish you all the very best.

I look forward to visiting someday soon.