Thursday, June 12, 2008

Transport Series: Affinity

Presented by Washington Composers Forum with Jack Straw Productions. Local ensemble Affinity performs music by Northwest composers: Sarah Bassingthwaighte’s The Corruption of Tellus, Brad Sherman’s Mood Swings, Chamber Concerto by Ryan Hare, and robotala! by Chris Stove, plus works chosen from an international call for scores, including Simon Martin’s Downfall, Marc Jensen’s Imaginary Line, and Garrett Hope’s Flibbertigibbet. The Interval series presents video by filmmakers Dena DeCola and Karin Wandner accompanying music by composer Jay Hamilton.

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iceman said...

To be taken off the planet whenever I experience art, or life really, is always my desire. It does not happen often. And when it does, I appreciate it, because it makes me feel life just a little differently than I had before. This happened to me on the 12th, experiencing the music of Affinity. So, I thought I would write, and firstly thank the Chapel Performance Space for doing such a fine job bringing hard to find programing to the surface. I have experienced other performances here, and look forward to more. Affinty blew me away. All of the pieces were interesting, and performed to the highest level of musicianship Such unusual sounds to me, a rather untrained ear. Two pieces stick out in my mind, and are with me still two weeks later; Garrett Hope's Flibbertigibbet which I thought from the title would be somewhat scattered, but found it delightful and very listenable; and Brad Sherman's Mood Swings which I found to be exquisitely layered and textured, with just the right amount of melody. The ethereal parts of Sherman's piece took me on a wonderful off-the-planet journey. Thank you Affinity for all your fine music, and again, Chapel for giving you the space to perform and me the space to listen and travel. Bravo!