Monday, October 15, 2007

Keith Rowe: Cardew's Treatise

Keith Rowe has maintained a strictly experimental approach to his work in the last four decades. A founding member of the British free improvisation group AMM in the 1960s, his radical approach to the guitar has become influential to generations of guitarists. For this concert, Rowe will perform the graphic score Treatise, by his long-time friend Cornelius Cardew, both as a soloist and then joined by Seattle improvisers Mike Shannon, Stuart Dempster, Esther Sugai, Dean Moore, Rob Millis, Carl Lierman, Dave Knott, Robert Kirkpatrick, David Stanford and Eric Lanzillotta.

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Jefferson said...

Subject: [Nonsequitur] Keith Rowe tonight at the Chapel

"Just a reminder that tonight is the Keith Rowe concert. Doors at 7:30, music at 8:00. With ensemble first and then solo."

- I consciously arrived later with the intent of just catching the Rowe solo set, to find that I'd missed the entirety of the night. And no later solo set to speak of.

Its understood that these things are mutable, and open to change, but following the posted bill for a performance is a professional courtesy.